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711 and Destiny

Daniel Dyce was an up and coming lawyer. When life long friend and look a like Jacob Horn commits an unspeakable crime, Daniel takes the rap just long enough for his friend to see his son born. On the way to the hospital Jacob Horn is killed in an accident, the truth passing away with him.

Daniel Dyce  knows he will spend the rest of his life as prisoner #711.

Desperate, Daniel finds a means of escape. He spends all his time digging a tunnel past the jail walls. By the time he finshes his digging to his freedom, he no longer believes he can have a life beyond the jail walls, so he crawls back in. Daniel does deiced to use the tunnel. He snanks out at night to become a crime fighter.

Leaving the jail to investigate tips he hears in it's halls, and retuning to jail life during the day. He takes his prisoner number as his costumed name.

711 began running in Police Comics #1 (Aug 1947), written and drawn by George Brenner

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But Wait--There is more!
[Spoliers for 711]

711 only ran until Police Comics #15 (January 1943). His final fight is with a man called Oscar Jones, an escaped prisoner from the same jail that holds Daniel. Police Comics #15 tells the story of Oscar's life to the moment he shoots 711 down.

At the end of the comic a man is silhouetted in a dark archway as Oscar runs away. This man is to be Destiny.

Destiny is never given a name, but when we meet him is completely broke, only having enough for his next meal or the price of admission to a show where a drawing for $500 is taking place.

He picks the show, where he meets a performing physic that explains to him that he is able to rule the future of others. Not believing, he leaves, only to decide to try what the physic said. When his finds himself transported to another place, he comes to believe that he is Destiny.

Drawn to the scenes of crimes by a sixth sense, Destiny has transported himself to the office of a plastic surgeon being held up by Oscar Jones, 711's killer. Convinced Destiny is not human when he is faced with the story of how he killed 711, Oscar Jones jumps out a window, escaping.

Destiny's vow to bring Jones to justice is enough for the ghost of 711, who is now able to move on. Destiny spends the next two issues doing just that.

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