Monday, March 19, 2012

Sheldon Moldoff (Part 2)

I know this follow up the the last Sheldon Moldoff post is a bit late, but 25 page research paper will to that. If only I could do one on comics....

To easy my stress and hopefully brighten some readers day here is some more solid DC Comics work from Moldoff.

On Scans_Daily I've posted some excerpts from Hawkman's story in All-Star Comics #6 (August-September 1941), The Justice Society Initiates Johnny Thunder.

Mr Neutron has posted excerpts pages from a reprint of Batman #165 (August 1964) starring Batman and his weirdest girlfriend, Patricia Powell. (She is the weirdest, no joke!)

Ending all this goddess is a story from All Star Comics #11 below. These are from my copy of the archive reprints. They are a must buy, if you love the JSA.
 04//05.//06 //07 //08 //09. //10

And a bonus page! Shareing this story just wouldn't be complete without this "oh, duh" Wonder Woman Moment

 All Star Comics #11 page 11

If you have links to any of Sheldon Molodoff's work of fan pages, please leave a link in the comments! 

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