Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Parent's Magazine Press and the "Heroine of the Battle of Monmouth"

Parent's Magazine Press was one of the "safer" comic providers of the 1940s. They were also one of the more socially responsible, putting out comics like "There are no Master Races" (True Comics #39 (1944), read the story here or here). It is unsurprising they did well even through the comics drama of the 1950s. Still in 1965, they turned away from comics. The company became a children's mail order book club. Some of these titles became as collectable as the comics before them (source). After that the comapny went though a series on changes and owners (detailed here along with many beautiful illustrations from the children's books), and their comic titles fell into the public domain.

Real Heroes ran for 16 issues. There is nothing remarkable in the art or storytelling. They are writing heavy, doing little with the images for storytelling. There is nothing absolutely weird about them either. Being perfectly honest, I have to tell you unless you are looking for a cultural context of the time or you are a history fan this comic may not be as worth looking up as some of the other Parent's Magazine Titles.

From the pages of Real Heroes #1, "Heroine of the Battle of Monmouth"

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