Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dewey Drip

Police Comics #20

Dewey Drip is really just a series of popular 1941 comic tropes thrown together into a one page comic. Despite this, the gag strip lasted for 8 years in the pages of Police Comics.

Dewey gets a letter from the government, informing him that he has been drafted in World War II. Being a stereotypical hillbilly of the 1940s with a love of feuding, he is excited that someone will pay him to fight. While hillbilly humor wasn't unique to gag pages--or even to Police Comics--Dewy's situational humor held him in the book.

Dewey Drip was created by Joe Devlin. He is credited with all of the strips artwork and writing. Of course some credible sources say he died in 1942, so it is in question.

As the war ended and Dew returned to his normal, zany hillbilly life, the strip began slowly falling into the back pages. He is absent from #63-64. #67-69, #71-82, and #89. Dewy made his last appearance in Police Comics #93 (August 1949).

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Police Comics #23
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Britt Reid said...

Actually, the strip's swan song was in Hickory #1, several months after Police Comics #93!

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