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Blackhawk text stories!

From Military Comics #18 "The Giant of the Air" (1st Blackhawk text story)

Military Comics #20 "The Way of Blackhawk"

Military Comics #21 "Fate Fights For Freedom"

Women Outlaws #3 (Nov 1948) Highlight Reel

A Fox Features Syndicate's Women Outlaws was created to take advantage of the popularity of comics featuring bad girls. The book earned a spot in Seduction of the Innocent.

Checkout the full story of "Cowboy Maggie Queen of the Barbary Coast" with run downs and clips from the other stories. Read more...

After eight issues the title continues as My Love Memories #9 (then to Hunted, into Western Outlaws, into two other changes). For more check it out on the Grand Comic-Book Database.

Inferior Man

Inferior Man was a creation of MAD's Al Jaffee. This is long before the magazine and early in his career.
From Military Comics #11...

Dr. Fung —Super Sleuth of the Orient

From the same company and time period that brought you Chen Chang, I give you Dr. Fung

Written and drawn by Bob Powell, under the pseudonym Arthur Dean, Dr. Fung started showing up in Wonderworld Comics in 1939. Dr. Fung is a old man with a hobby for solving mysteries around the world with his sidekick, Dan Barrister. They travel around, do detective stuff, and get attack by snakes a lot.

Scans from Wonderworld Comics #3, 13, 18, and 30.

This isn't nearly as bad you're probably thinking.

Chen Chang

Fox Comics came out with some wacky things even in it's time. While I can't say "Chen Chang" from Mystery Men Comics comes close to topping the list it is...special.

Prepare yourselves for three tons of racism and random death traps.

Chen Chang Deals Out Death To The White Race!

Blackhawk - Zinda Blake and The Blonde

"Zinda is an ace flyer, able to easily handle any type of aircraft. She is a fine markswoman, skilled in the use of a variety of weapons, and has superior abilities in hand-to-hand combat." -- Comic Book DB - Lady Blackhawk (01 - Zinda Blake)

For the first, offical appearance of Lady Blackhawk see Blackhawk #133 (1959) on Scans_daily! [This link it dead! I'm sorry =(]]

Zinda shows up next in Blackhawk #140 where she is named an Honorary Member. *This link is also gone, but for a replacement see this blog)

Now, to quote Wiki: "Military Comics #20 (July, 1943) featured a story about a woman who attempts to become the first woman member of the Blackhawks, who looks, sounds and behaves much like Zinda Blake, although she does not divulge her name, and never calls herself Lady Blackhawk. In the story, she flies to Blackhawk Island, declares herself part of the team, and helps the Blackhawks on a mission behind German lines. Ultimately, she rescues Blackhawk himself. Some say that this is Zinda Blake's true first appearance, but this has never been official."

Read Military Comics #20 The Blonde Bomber

Info links
Who's Who: Lady Blackhawk (Zinda Blake)
Cosmic Teams Profile that cover more of her history to today.
Zinda Blake on Wikipedia
Comic Book DB - Lady Blackhawk (01 - Zinda Blake)

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The Origin of Flame Girl

When The Flame's popularity began to fade a attempt was made to refresh the Big 3 member with partner in Wonderworld #30 (Oct. 1941). Writer Basil Berold is actually Lou Fine. He took over all the work on the The Flame after Will Eisner left.Flame Girl has one of the most over dramatic introduction ads I have ever seen. I looked for the issue because of the ad.

Go check it whole story out on Scans_daily.
The Flame lay there, on the ground, helpless, dying… and if he passed on, so would all those innocent people whom he had sworn to protect….But there was still one way could come to their rescue, by passing the secret of his flame powers on to the one person he could trust the most….Linda Dale…

The Black Terror & Tim

When it was superhero chic to wear gold and purple one brave pharmacist would jump on to the scene dressed in black, a skull and crossbones across his chest.

The Black Terror joined the superhero boom in Exciting Comics #9. Six months after his introduction, he had his own comic. The only other character from the publisher to have the honor being the Fighting Yank.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicSince his golden age run he has been echoed by imitators and revived to make a number of appearances. Most recently, he is appearing in Project Superpowers. Since I made a post for Flame Girl, and I plan one for Miss Masque, I knew I had to make one for him and Tim. I wanted to show off how much of a loser interesting he was.

Now, you can see how it all got started.

Go read it on scans daily!

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