Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Gag Strip to Lighten Your Day

From More Fun Comics #10...

This comic is by the noted golden age DC editor Whitney Ellsworth

Friday, June 22, 2012

Johnny Doughboy, tips of making money

It is hard to make a buck these days. It could drive a man crazy.

From Military Comics #25...By Bernard Dibble

Sunday, June 17, 2012

For Father's Day

I'm doing some major clean up on older post, the most recent has been the first Madam Fatal post.

What does this have to do with Father's day? In reality Madam Fatal was really Richard Stanton. Stanton went into hiding after his only daughter was kidnapped and his wife died of a broken heart. The new face he chose, an old woman's. Madam Fatal is a heroic father and the first cross dressing superhero!

You can read his origin story and details of his life in the DCU here.

Madam Fatal evolves with time, eventually finding his daughter. Even after her rescue, Stanton continues to live a good bit of time as an old woman. In some of the last issues he is seen switching between Madam Fatal and Richard Stanton, but reasons for this are never given.

Given how common place super heroes had become, original ideas for them were short. Odd as Madam Fatal is, you can say it isn't original.

Below the Madam Fatal from Crack Comics #3 (July 1940).

 45 //46 //47 //48 //49

Since so many of the original sites hosting  Madam Fatal 's comics have gone down. I will be working to restore them to the net. In short, more Madam Fatal to come!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hemlock Shomes and Poston

Military May didn't end as I would have hope. It was missing one key post, the story of Chop-Chop. School is taking up more time than I thought it would, so please wait for this post until I can do it justice.

Until I hope you enjoy some regularly scheduled programming.

Have some Hemlock Shomes from Mystery Men #12.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Private Dogtag and the Radio Tooth

Have you heard the story about tooth filling picking up radio signals? It is a widely speard urban legend on the US, apparently dating back to a television interview with Lucille Ball. has an article quoting the interview.

If it is something you desire to happen you, you might think getting your tooth filled with an actual radio will guarantee it to work. If so, let this comic be a warning to you. Since science really works this way!

Also, seek help, because that is kind of crazy.

Private Dogtag From Military Comics #25 (1944) Bart Tumey.

31 //32 //33 //34 //35 //36 //37 //38 //39