Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blackhawk - Zinda Blake and The Blonde

"Zinda is an ace flyer, able to easily handle any type of aircraft. She is a fine markswoman, skilled in the use of a variety of weapons, and has superior abilities in hand-to-hand combat." -- Comic Book DB - Lady Blackhawk (01 - Zinda Blake)

For the first, offical appearance of Lady Blackhawk see Blackhawk #133 (1959) on Scans_daily! [This link it dead! I'm sorry =(]]

Zinda shows up next in Blackhawk #140 where she is named an Honorary Member. *This link is also gone, but for a replacement see this blog)

Now, to quote Wiki: "Military Comics #20 (July, 1943) featured a story about a woman who attempts to become the first woman member of the Blackhawks, who looks, sounds and behaves much like Zinda Blake, although she does not divulge her name, and never calls herself Lady Blackhawk. In the story, she flies to Blackhawk Island, declares herself part of the team, and helps the Blackhawks on a mission behind German lines. Ultimately, she rescues Blackhawk himself. Some say that this is Zinda Blake's true first appearance, but this has never been official."

Read Military Comics #20 The Blonde Bomber

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