Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lt. Drake and The Skull

Last year for the 4th of July I shared with you patriotic heroine Miss Victory. Rather than post another star-spangled superhero, this year I bring you a often forgotten hero from Fox.
Lt. Drake's only real claim to fame is that Klaus Nordling did the strip's art. It is his earliest confirmed work. (Fun fact: Nordling did a lot of work for Fox, signing his name as Spark Stevens, F. Klaus, Ed Norris and Clyde North.)

Lt. Drake of the U.S. Naval Intelligence started running in Mystery Men Comics #1 (1939) when the magazine was still under the name Bruns Publications. Drake's last appearance is in #25. He fal away from the line up with no note or fan fare.

An interesting point for the strip is the early mark of a share universe between the superheroes in house. Villains in Lt. Drake were normally one shots. In a way The Skull is no different, but his appearance in Lt. Drake is not his first in Mystery Men Comics. In #14 The Skull, apparently the same man, is the villain for Blue Beetle. 

Meet The Skull as he face off with Lt. Drake below!
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