Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chen Chang, Villian of Many Faces

Angered by the Western world's exploitation of China, Warlord Chen Chang plotted to "to bring disaster upon the white race." His opposition in this nefarious effort is American Richard Kendall, who success in thwarting evil plans and surviving is only by sheer luck.
I first posted about Chang in '08. For a fuller introduction to this wonderful villain, check it out.

All the stories I've read with Chang are written inconsistently. Sometimes he is a brainy, pure evil mastermind, and in the next issue he acts like he was raised by parrots. If you need an example, look that the henchman here.
Mystery Mean Comics #13
30 //31 //32 //33 //34//35
I know that I am not suppose to come out of this liking Chen Chang more than Ken Doll Kendall, but I do.

I mean, come on! This guy has fairly elaborate death traps ready to go at moments notice with no repeats. In his many travels he has no trouble picking up spies and murderous curious performers. He is innovative, and has great networking skills. Also, the only reason he is not seven kinds of dead is because he is just that good. That is most of what you need to be a good bad guy.

Kendall tries to be witty and gets tied up a lot. A lot. And the man has no sense of style!

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