Monday, November 26, 2012

The Lynx and Blackie

Since I'm going back over all the Fox Comics posts, I figure this need reposting as much as anything.

Meet the Lynx and his kid sidekick Blackie in there first appearance in Mystery Men Comics #13 (Aug 1940).
Art by Jim Mooney.
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The Lynx and Blackie ran in Mystery Men Comics 13 to 31. Unfortunately, Lynx didn't keep the costume. By Mystery Men Comics #21 he has a shirt with a logo. Blackie still has to save him from a deathly peril classically reserved for women.

The Lynx and Blackie seem familiar somehow? DC thought so too, This was one of the titles DC Comics sued Fox Comics over, winning $2,000.
You can also find this comic here.

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