Saturday, March 22, 2008

Captain Battle

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"After being injured while fighting in World War I, John Battle swore that he would never let another world war happen again. To that end, he set up a mountaintop headquarters filled with weapons and gadgets of his own design. Most notably, he had a "curoscope" (which allowed him to see anywhere on Earth) a super-fast jet pack and a Dissolvo gun that, as one exposition box put it: "a color concentrate, the vibrations of which melt down nerve and bone tissue into a gelatinous mass." Using this and other plot-required episodic gadgets, John Battle fought spies, saboteurs and other enemies of America. When the World War did, in fact, happen in real life, he became a more generic superhero.

He also had the worst secret identity in the history of superhero comics."

Story taken from Captain Battle #5 (1943), Picture Scoop Inc.

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