Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Jester

The Jester never made it on a single cover, but he made it into every issues from Smash Comics #22 (1941) to Smash Comics #85 (1949; Last issue). He was a creation of Paul Gustavson and an unknown writer (possibly Gustavson too).

DC Comics acquired the Jester along with the other Quality Comics characters in 1956, but has sparsely used him. He shows up in All-Star Squadron #31 and #60, mostly as face in the crowd. His only modern appearance was in Starman #46, where, in flashback, he teams up with the first Starman against Icicle, Fiddler, and the Gambler. He gives up being a costumed hero and becomes a normal cop. His final fate is unknown.
There is good info already out there on The Jester, and no need of me repeating it here. After his origin story below, you'll find links to some informative pages on the funnyman hero.

From Smash Comics #22, the first appearance of the Jester...
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