Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mr. Muscles and the Carnies

Remember Mr. Muscles? I know, you tried to forget. I'm only bringing the bad feelings back. But you have yet to head the tale of Mr. Muscles in...

Page One // Two // Three // Four // Five (From Mr. Muscles #23)

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Anonymous said...

The big fight scene, where Mr Muscles beat all of the thugs at once, was what really made the story! What thrills!

Anonymous said...

But Mr. Muscles did not beat all of them! If you look carefully, there is the only and only KID MUSCLES
lending a helping hand in defeating
the bad guys. Also, the super handsome kid said, after the fight, that He would like to go to more
carnivals to have this much fun!!KID MUSCLES is a far more exciting character than his friend!
No one can equal the magnificent KID MUSCLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like KID MUSCLES a lot more than Mr. Muscles! HE's a lot more handsome, has much better hair, and has a far more perfect body!! HIS greatest performances are the 2 page "The Kid Muscles In" and when HE tracks down the guy who sabotaged Mr. Muscles before the wrestling match began. As the villain flees, KID MUSCLES vaults over a wall and jumps down a stairwell!! HE shot down 5 stories to intercept the bad guy!!! HE upended the bad guy and started to spin him like a bottle, faster and faster and faster!!! The MUSCLEPOWER of KID MUSCLES is unbelievable!!!! One panel here highlights the KID's bulging thigh and calf muscles
as they flex mightily!!!! The creep finally confesses and the KID crams him into a wire waste basket, and zooms off to help Mr. Muscles!! Hooray for KID MUSCLES!!!! Factoids: KID MUSCLES is 5.10.5 tall and weighs 238 pounds!! HE won the MR UNIVERSE contest with a perfect score at age 17!!!! HIS greatest feat of strength was to hold back (with one hand!!!!) 10 diesel locomotives!!!!! And then HE pulled them back until they all broke down!!