Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mr. Muscles!

Brett Carson suffered from polio, but through determination and hard work he was able to become the most prefect man on earth--Mr. Muscles!
Mr. Muscles came to be from the mind of Jerry Siegel in March 1956. Charlton threw in the towel on Blue Beetle (1955), and kept the numbering from his magazine as they replaced him with Mr. Muscles. Bill Fraccio was the artist for the first issue, #22. For the second and last issue, Charles Nicholas and John Forte were in charge of the art with Siegel still doing all the stories.
It is important to point out this is the ad in the front of the comic. Both issues are full of ads just like these, making it seems like a big advisement.
Not only did Mr. Muscles have a sidekick, but there was a Miss Muscles too! She only lasted two pages in issue #22.
You can read the origin story from #22 on scans_daily along with Miss Muscles' story (with a backup link here). You can read the story of Kid Muscle and Mr. Muscles vs. Jake Armbuster on dreamwith.

The final story in issue #23 is call "Steeple Jack," but more on him in another post.

In the way of more information...there isn't much....

International Catalog of Superheroes: Mr. Muscles
Oddball Comics - Mr. Muscles


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Hooray for KID MUSCLES!!! HE lifts up a car as if was a toy, breaks a steel spike in half with His
bare hands and then pounds it into
the ground!! KID MUSCLES is more like a god than a man! Every inch of His magnificent body pulsates with MusclePower!! HE's infinitely
superior to all mere mortal men!!!

Anonymous said...

KID MUSCLES!!!!! Stronger than a
thousand men!! More handsome than
any film star!!! KID MUSCLES developed His mind as well as His body to total, complete perfection,
surpassing all men in the process!! KID MUSCLES is, in every way, the
world's most perfect young man!! KID MUSCLES is also the most masculine and exciting young guy of all time!! KID MUSCLES really looks as if HE could defeat an entire army!!!

Anonymous said...

One of KID MUSCLES'enemies cried out
in fear, "That Kid's after me! I don't want to tangle with his bulging
muscles!" and tried to escape.but ended up jammed into a large trash can! Please add the rest of the story
in which KID MUSCLES saves his friend
from the evil wrestler! This sequence is far better than I can describe!! A totally thrilling display by KID MUSCLES!!!!!

Anonymous said...

KID MUSCLES!!! Age, 17. 5'10.5", 222
lbs, 55" chest, 19.5" arms, 30" waist,28" thighs, and 19.5" calves. Titles won include Teenage Mr USA and Teenage Mr America. IQ 199. MPQ 1,587. (MPQ is "MusclePower Quotient with the strength of a typical adult male equalling 1MPQ). As for sexual preference, I'm continuing to research MMs 22 and 23
for clues....

Anonymous said...

Because of the lack of women in the
2 comics, I do not wish to engage in
idle speculation about KID MUSCLES.
Miss Muscles, on the other hand, is
obviously using a vapid movie star as
"cover" because it is clear she much
prefers gym fights with musclewomen!!
The two gym ladies are only pretending to be jealous of Miss
Muscles and the movie star. Their real interest is the strongest, best-built, most beautiful, and most exciting woman on earth: Miss
Muscles!! Every day for the last 4
months, the 2 ladies have pitted
their bulging muscles against Ms.
Muscles and the results are always
the same: quick and`painful defeats for the musclewomen! And
they enjoy the battles almost as
much as Miss Muscles does. After
the first fight, the beautiful SuperWoman was hooked and looks
forward to each battle with great
excitement. When Ronald the actor drove her past the gym, she looked up at her battered friends in the window and wished the evening was over so she could home and rest up for tomorrow's battle. When Charlton found out about this, they fired Miss Muscles. This explains why she does not appear in MM 23.

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