Monday, February 13, 2012

Campus Loves

THE QUALITY COMICS BOSS: We need a new romance comics!
BILL WARD: I can draw pretty ladies in there underwear.
THE QUALITY COMICS BOSS: Okay you're on art! Now remember, women go to college to pick up men.

I think that's how it might have gone.

Campus Loves (Quality Comics, 1949) is a series of four books that was yet another attempt by Quality to jump on the coming romance fad of the fifties. They followed this up with Diary Loves November 1949 - April 1953,  Broadway Romances (January 1950 - September 1950), Brides Romances (November 1953 - December 1956), and Exotic Romances October 1955 - November 1956.

Here you can read the first story from issue #1. (Read by scrolling here)

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