Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Look and Fresh Links!

As you can see the page has gotten a make over! After fighting with blogger over a layout we can agree on, it has come to this. Feedback would be much appreciated.

I've also taken the time to do some more link fixing. All theses stories are back up"

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Anonymous said...

When a visitor now comes to this site without Javascript enabled, it fails silently, producing a blank display rather than punting to a working version without Javascript or producing a notice of the need for Javascript. Further, to enable Javascript for your 'blog, a visitor must typically enable it for all of

(People who simply enable Javascript open themselves to a variety of security issues. A plug-in such as NoScript allows one to selectively enable Javascript, but not with enough fine-tuning to enable it for this 'blog while blocking it for other 'blogs.)

BTW, I'm commenting anonymously just this one time. When I post non-anomymously to now, my comments go into the new Spam Inbox. Make sure to check the Spam Inbox, even if you don't want my comments, as it may contain others that you want to fish-out. (As for me, I simply stop commenting to 'blogs where the 'bloggers don't fish my comments from the Spam Inbox.)