Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Real Love #5 Highlight Reel!

Kicking off the weekend of love we have 1950's My Real Love #5, highlight reel!

The cover (see left) stars David Wayne & Gloria DeHaven from "Down Among the Sheltering Palms." It has little to do with the content of the comic.

If you have a link to a missing section, please post it in the comments.
"In Love with Love" Art by Art Saaf- Read it here!

"Too Much Family!" Art by George Tuska

"Love on the 5:15" (1 pg, text story) story by Madeline Mines - Read it here

"Good-Time Girl!" Art by Nick Cardy - Read it here!

"He's My Boss"  - Read it here! (or here)

"Shattered Dream!" Pencils by Alex Toth, Inks by John Celardo - Read it here!

"No Regrets" (1 pg text story )Script by Patty Hendryx - Read it here!

"I Ran from Romance" Are by Vernon V. Greene - Read it here!

"The Second Look" - Read it here!

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